Interactive visual and musical installation

ORCHA—103 is an interactive visual and musical installation that invites its visitors to play the role of a conductor. It aims to make electronic music creation accessible and to support cultural venues in their reopening by integrating a technology that respects barrier gestures.

The user is facing a desk equipped with a sensor that locates the position of his hand to direct the visual and sound. Thanks to a pedal that allows him to navigate between the different tracks, the user sculpts step by step a unique audiovisual composition.

Installation, interactive, photography

TouchDesigner, MadMapper, Ableton, Arduino, Cinema4D

Jonah Alle-Monne, Rémy Bourçois, Tristan Lemoigne, Émile Roch

Étapes magazine #264
Derivative website

@awecuration, @36degres


The whole project is designed on a modular basis which allows the installation to adapt to different places and different uses. The number of LED tubes can vary and be adjusted according to the location. The four sound tracks were composed on Ableton Live and can be easily replaced to let other artists compose their own sound loops. The visuals are generated with TouchDesigner using a nodal system, so they can be easily modified to match the music or desired mood.


Our gratitude to 1024 Architecture, Tijani Loussaief, Thierry Audoux and Julien Warin for the loan of equipment. Thanks to all those who have contributed to the project in any way!

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